Introducing Multiply

Multiply offers a range of courses designed to challenge the idea that numeracy is boring and not helpful. Attending cookery sessions, getting mucky in the garden or even learning new DIY skills will help grow your maths confidence for home or work.

Fun, practical and hands-on numeracy?

The words “fun” and “numbers” don’t usually go well together for most people, but we have designed a range of innovative courses to show you that maths can be fun. Want to learn how to grow and maintain your garden? How about a cooking course to learn some new kitchen skills? You might even want some DIY tips to keep your home looking good and save some money. Our Multiply courses will show you that whether you want a good-looking garden or a pretty pantry, numeracy can be both fun and helpful.

Coping with rising  costs and bigger bills?

If you need to make your income stretch further and would like to learn how to make your money last longer, Multiply can help with that too! From tips on how to generate additional pocket money to working out whether that supermarket deal is actually worth it, we’re here to help.

Want to move forward in your career?

We also deliver Multiply courses and workshops to help you gain numeracy confidence for employment. This includes skills such as using and handling data, understanding the figures on your payslip and time management. Numeracy is important for many job roles so having confidence can give you a great advantage.

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