The council offers a broad range of apprenticeship opportunities across the organisation, in various teams and disciplines. This year we have recruited apprentices into a wide variety of roles and in many service areas: from Arborists, Solicitors and Auditors to Business Admin, Housing and Property Management, a variety of trades, and several others.

As part of the authority’s wider development programme for apprentices, 18 members of the newest intake attended a teambuilding and problem-solving day at Rising Sun Country Park. The purpose of this day was to enable apprentices to engage in activities that enhance their practical and teambuilding skills and allow them to network with other apprentices.

Throughout the day, the apprentices were given several challenging tasks to complete that developed their problem-solving skills, encouraged them to use their own initiative, collaborate and coordinate together, and step out of their comfort zone. Not only were the apprentices learning new skills in a fun and informal way, but they also had the opportunity to spend time in one of North Tyneside’s beautiful parks.

The event was rounded off with a review of the apprentices’ successes and the skills they had acquired throughout the day. All commented that they had enjoyed the day and its activities, they left having made connections with other apprentices and faced challenges that tested and enhanced their resilience.

Activity events are a great opportunity to test and adapt apprentices’ skill sets, whilst allowing them time outside of their regular working environment to supplement their own wellbeing too. They are just one of the many ways in which the council supports its young colleagues as they enter the organisation and throughout the duration of their apprenticeship.

Many thanks to Heather and her team at the Rising Sun Country Park for working with us all to make the day such a success.

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