British Sign Language Level 1


This course is for anyone who wishes to communicate with deaf people on a range of topics using simple, everyday language. You may have completed an Introduction to British Sign Language course. You do not need to have any knowledge of the subject. You should not be taking any other accredited qualifications whilst completing this course as the commitment is considerable.

The Awarding Body, Signature, set entry requirements for learners to have sufficient sight, manual dexterity, facial and body movement to produce and receive British Sign Language.

The British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 course is divided into three units covering these topics:

Unit 101

• Finger spelling names and places
• Meeting and greeting others
• Numbers, travel and directions
• Describing and asking about the weather

Unit 102

• Describing people, animals and objects around the home
• Time, date and money
• Activities and interests, food and drink

Unit 103

• Everyday life relating to work, school and college.

The course will be very practical, and you will be given lots of opportunities to practice.

Your tutor is a BSL user.

Awarding Body: Signature
You will have three externally set assessments. They will be short conversations with your tutor which will be recorded on video. Your tutor will assess the first with the other two being assessed externally. The cost of the three assessments are included in your course fee. A small video camera will be used at various points during the course to record your progress. Your tutor will use these recordings to guide you on how to improve.

There will be an opportunity to purchase a DVD to help with your studies, you will also be asked to purchase a BSL dictionary.

You will also be required to practice your skills at home with family and friends and carry out homework tasks as part of the course.

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20-30 weeks

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