Digital Skills Workshop


This course is a suitable progression from an entry level course or for anyone with a basic working knowledge of Word and the Internet. You should also have a minimum of Entry Level 3 English skills.

Please note that this course uses Windows 10 and Office 2019.

Essential Digital Skills are more important than ever. Since 2020, face-to-face communication has become more difficult, so understanding digital technology and communication is vital to stay connected in work and life. This course will enable you to engage with digital services and products effectively in everyday life.

The objectives of this qualification are to enable learners to:

  • Apply digital skills in personal and business situations
  • Understand how to maintain safety and security when using data and devices
  • Find and use information

The topics covered:

  • Using devices and handling information
  • Keep operating system and applications up to date
  • Use appropriate techniques to carry out and refine searches online
  • Check that a website uses HTTPS and has a valid certificate
  • Creating and editing
  • Use word processing and spreadsheet applications to enter, edit, format, layout information (including text, tables, graphics, charts) for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • Use basic editing techniques to enhance an image
  • Communicating
  • Communicate effectively via email in a personal or business context; communicate and collaborate using messaging or social networks informally and for business.
  • Transacting
  • Interact with online transactional services and manage account settings
  • Transacting includes online shopping, finance (e.g. online banking), utilities (e.g. gas, electricity, water), government services (paying council tax online)
  • Being safe and responsible online
  • Protect personal information and privacy
  • Backup data locally and using a cloud provider

It is crucial you attend as many of the sessions as you can, we recommend not going below 97% attendance

NCFE EDSQ Essential Digital Skills can help you develop the practical ICT skills you need to use technology in life and work. You’ll develop your ICT skills and learn how to use them in real-life home and work situations and will gain a better understanding of social media use, blogs, personal and professional safety online, and basic legislation. Essential Digital Skills Qualifications provide vital skills to learners, plugging digital knowledge gaps to enable progression in work and life.

By reaching Level 1, you will reach the equivalent to a 1-3 (D-G) grade at GCSE, meaning that you can demonstrate your ability to understand and use everyday ICT at this level.

Awarding Body: OCR
OCR assignments are used to assess you for the IT qualification and are completed during your normal class time. An assessment will take place upon completion of each unit. You will be allowed to refer to your notes and help sheets throughout the assessment.

Course Length
38 weeks – 3 hours a week

6 weeks – 2 x full days per week (9.30am – 3.30pm)

NCFE EDSQ will build on your knowledge and skills and equip you with many skills necessary to meet the demands of the modern workplace, and will prepare you for progression on to a Level 2 qualification in Digital skills.

Please ask your tutor for further details.

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