French Intermediate


The course is for those who already have some knowledge of the language (approximately equal to 2 years of learning). The emphasis will be on speaking and using the language with some grammar.

You will develop your ability to form your own sentences. The course will cover topics such as:

• Talking about leisure activities, likes and dislikes
• Discussing future plans and past holidays
• Learning about France, its regions and cities
• Giving opinions and making comparisons

You will have lots of opportunities for practising speaking and listening through role-play, pair and group work.

As well as using hand-outs and interactive activities, we will be following the Intermediate coursebook Façon de Parler 2. It would be helpful for learners to have their own copies. Please note, this is not the same as the ‘workbook’ which cover looks identical.

You may wish to progress to French Advanced or to try a different language such as German or Spanish.

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