ICT Skills for Work and Business Level 1 – Short Course


This course is a suitable progression from an Entry Level course or for anyone with a basic working knowledge of Word and Excel. Knowledge of how to create and format a Word document and how to use formulas to create calculations in Excel is useful.

Please note that this course uses Windows 10 and Office 2019

To achieve the full certificate, you will need to obtain 13 credits. This must include Improving Productivity Using IT (3 credits) plus any combination of the units listed below. The optional units allow you to develop skills in a range of different IT applications that are useful to you in effective job searching/job applications, in the workplace and on your personal computer.

The optional units are:

• Word-Processing Software (3 credits) – Create new typed documents and amend existing documents. You will format documents using various font styles and sizes, use indents and spacing options, and insert tables. This will give you the skills to create and update a professional looking CV and a cover letter. You will also learn the basics of file management, including creating folders, renaming them, and copying and moving file
• Using the Internet and E-mail (5 credits) – Use the internet to locate information and images; save images from websites; and set up an e-mail account to send and receive messages and attachments. You will also learn how to attach a document such as a CV to your email, and how to forward an email with an attached file
• Database Software (3 credits) – Use Access to open a database, create new records, delete records, amend data, and create queries and reports
• Desktop Publishing (3 credits) – Use desktop publishing to create and print a simple publication consisting of two or three columns of text and pictures
• Presentation Software (3 credits) – An introduction to creating presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. You will create a slideshow presentation containing text and images and learn how to use time-saving styles so that you become more efficient
• Spreadsheet Software (3 credits) – Use formulae to calculate totals and averages, subtract, multiply and divide; learn how to create bar, line and pie charts from your data You will learn through demonstrations given by the tutor and by working on practical tasks from centre prepared workbooks

Awarding Body: OCR
OCR assignments are used to assess you for the ITQ CLAiT Level 1 qualification and are completed during your normal class time. Assessment will take place upon completion of each unit. You will be allowed to refer to your notes and help sheets throughout the assessment.

Course Length
The course is expected to take approximately 6 weeks depending on the level of your ability.

CLAiT will prepare you for progression to a Level 2 course such as Functional Skills ICT Level 2 or CLAiT Plus.

Please ask your tutor for further details.

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Course Length

6 weeks

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