ICT Skills for Work and Business Introduction


This course is an introduction to our Level 1 ICT courses, it gives you a chance to have a number of sessions to see if Level 1 is right for you. Basic knowledge of word processing plus knowledge of how to use a mouse and keyboard, open a program, print and save a document is essential.

Please note that this course uses Windows 10 Operating System and Microsoft Office 2019.

You will learn what is expected at Level 1 ICT and what you need to do to achieve the course. The units allow you to develop skills in a range of different IT applications that are useful to you in effective job searching/job applications, in the workplace and on your personal computer.

The optional units are:

• Word-Processing Software
• Using the Internet and E-mail
• Database Software
• Desktop Publishing
• Presentation Software
• Spreadsheet Software
You will learn through demonstrations given by the tutor and by working on practical tasks from centre prepared workbooks.

In the introduction you will not be put through any OCR assessments, you will learn about OCR assignments are used to assess you for the ITQ CLAiT Level 1 qualification and are completed during your normal class time. Assessments will take place upon completion of each unit. You will be allowed to refer to your notes and help sheets throughout the assessment.

This introduction will prepare you for progression to a Level 1 course such as Functional Skills ICT Level 1 or CLAiT.

Please ask your tutor for further details.

Course Start Date(s)

September 2021

Course Length

4 weeks

Course Price

Full Fee

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Full Concession

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