Climate change


This course is digital so you will need access to ICT/Laptop/WIFI.

Whilst there are no enrolment requirements there is a £50 withdrawal or non-completion fee if you choose to withdraw from the course.

On this course you will develop understanding and knowledge in a range of topics relating to the environment which includes: Control of global warming, reducing carbon emissions/footprint, alternative energy sources, conservation, environmental monitoring, greener transport systems, greenwashing, waste and recycling, sustainable communities and energy management.

You will be supported by a Tutor who is an occupational specialist in this field.  You will receive help, guidance, and regular feedback throughout the course.

You will have an initial assessment that you will be required to complete before you start your course.

You will have access to a learning platform where you can answer questions and receive feedback on your answers.

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  • Sustainable Lifestyles

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