Multiply – Confident Meal Planning


This course is specifically designed for learners who want to learn how to create effective meal plans and make the most out of a tighter budget and reduce food waste.

Multiply Short Courses are delivered in a friendly, relaxed environment with no formal exams. Topics are delivered in shorter, more manageable sessions to help and support you as you grow your confidence and understanding.

Topics and themes covered include:

  • Understanding ingredient ratios to amend recipes to suit family size
  • Understanding conversion between metric and imperial
  • Getting the most out of a tight budget when grocery shopping

Multiply courses are non-accredited, which means you won’t need to complete any assessments and there is no pass or fail. Any activities that take place during sessions will be checked over by your tutor and feedback will be provided.

Multiply is intended for anyone who does not have GCSE Maths (or equivalent level 2 qualification, including Functional Skills), aged 19 or over, looking to improve their confidence with numeracy or would like support prior to completing a numeracy qualification.

You are not expected to bring pens or paper, but you can if you would like to make notes during the session.

You do not need to pay any course fees to attend Multiply.

Once you have completed some Multiply courses, you may want to consider Functional Skills or a similar qualification. Your tutor will be able to advise you on which course(s) will best suit your needs.

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