Spanish Improvers


This course is for those who already have some knowledge of the language (approximately equal to 2 terms of learning). The emphasis will be on speaking and using the language with some grammar.

You will move on from relying on set phrases and learn how to form your own sentences. The course will cover topics such as:

• Talking about places and what there is to do there
• Describing houses and holiday accommodation
• Discussing past events and holidays
• Talking about work and your daily routine
• Giving opinions and making comparisons

(Your tutor may cover other topics to meet the needs of your group.)

You will have lots of opportunities for practising speaking and listening through role-play, pair and group work.

The sessions provide a fun, interesting and relaxed learning environment, where you will be encouraged to participate. During the sessions, many of the activities require you to work in pairs and small groups, using simple Spanish. The course will be loosely based on the BBC book ‘Talk Spanish 2’, which is available with or without CDs. There is no requirement to purchase this, though many learners choose to do so. You are asked to bring pens and paper to each session. A ring binder would also be useful so that you can build up a portfolio of work covered and use it for reference.

Doing extra work at home will help to strengthen your language skills. Homework will be issued during the course but is recommended rather than compulsory.

You may wish to carry on to Spanish Intermediate or try a different language such as French or German.

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10 weeks

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