Emergency procedure

The Emergency procedure  policy is for guidance and runs alongside the training for Run, Hide, Tell, you can watch the video here. You will have noticed that there are now airhorns and whistles available in all centres which are positioned and located near entrances where possible and act as one of the emergency procedures in the event of evacuation or lockdown in one of  our centres. The over riding principle is to follow the run, hide, tell actions and contact the emergency services in the very rare event where these procedures may be required. We will be adding signage to remind staff of procedures for all venues in the coming weeks.


Teaching Resources:


I am sharing some excellent resources from Going Too Far? that were shared at our regional meeting this week. These are digital resources are aimed at young people to embed online safeguarding in  sessions or use as a starter for sessions to promote debate. Each link has a different topic and corresponding teacher notes.

Going too far?  Lessons 👇👇


Extreme or Not Extreme? Going Too Far? (lgfl.org.uk)


Believe it or not? Going Too Far? (lgfl.org.uk)


Case Studies Going Too Far? (lgfl.org.uk)


Taking a stand Going Too Far? (lgfl.org.uk)



The following link takes you to a really fascinating look at the Q’Anon conspiracy theory and who it impacts. Well worth a watch.


The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon – All 4 (channel4.com)

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