September Safeguarding update.

Safeguarding Team

Please contact any of the team if you have a concern:

Belinda Payne

Val Rooney

Helen Samuel

And Lou Ross who is covering for Gemma Welsh

Run, Hide, Tell

As mentioned during our briefing can you please ensure you and your learners watch the following YouTube video Run, Hide, Tell to ensure all are prepared in the event of  a lockdown or an evacuation situation. This will help prepare all with the basic principles of Run, Hide, Tell to ensure you take necessary precautions, please ensure this is part of your induction process for new learners. Our policy will be available soon with suitable training and support.

Safeguarding Training Refresher

We need to ensure all staff are updated on their safeguarding training and ask everyone to undergo the following online training to ensure they are up to date. Can I ask you all to complete this by Friday 29 October 2021. Once this is completed can you please alert Andrea Chubb who will add you to the record of mandatory training. This safeguarding refresher needs to be updated every 2 years so you will be alerted when it runs out.


As I mentioned in the briefing there is increasing concern about this group of young men who meet in chat rooms on the internet. They define themselves as being unable to form or access relationships with women. They believe this is a result of genetic factors, evolutionarily determined traits in women and inequitable social structures. The booklet attached is a fascinating read developed following research into these groups. It incorporates a glossary of terms which is a whole new language and highlights a secretive but troubling group that can be instigators of loan actor violence in communities as outlined in the document.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Some of you may know already that it is World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th Gillian Halpin has requested the following and attached presentation be sent out to all staff to support awareness of suicide prevention. Please also note that Suicide Prevention and Self Harm tins are available in all of our centres from Thursday usually in the kitchen area.

World Suicide Prevention Day takes place every year on September 10th to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.  The theme of this years’ day is

Creating Hope through Action’ – a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide. The day aims to inspire confidence in all of us; that our actions, no matter how big or small, can provide hope to those who are struggling. Through action, you can make a difference to someone in their darkest moments.

The factors and causes that lead to suicide are complex; no single approach works for everyone. There are certain factors and life events that may make someone more vulnerable to suicide and mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression can also contribute.  People who are suicidal may feel trapped or like a burden to those around them and feel like they are alone and have no other options. By creating hope through action, we can signal to people experiencing suicidal thoughts that there is hope and that we care and want to support them.

  • Please see attached PowerPoint showing the contents of a suicide prevention tin The tins contain a range of resources that help people to better understand and manage their wellbeing, and support other people they are concerned about

Events include:

  • Emotional Resilience training: 7th, 8th 9th and 10th September
  • Self-Harm Awareness and Response training: 7th, 8th and 10th September
  • Creating Hope through Action virtual event: 10th September
  • Buddy catch ups, virtual coffee breaks, wellbeing walks: scheduling in a short break to have a non-work related conversation can make a huge positive difference to how colleagues (and ourselves) are  feeling

Other resources to support World Suicide Prevention Day:

  • The Zero Suicide Alliance  offers short and effective online training.  Three levels of training are offered:
  • The ‘Step up’ module gives a brief introduction to social isolation, and how to help someone who may be isolated. In 5-10 minutes this module covers adjusting to the new normal following the Coronavirus,  taking into account the significant changes in how many of us live and work.
  • The Gateway session provides a very brief introduction to suicide awareness. In just 5-10 minutes, you could learn skills to help someone considering suicide.  This module gives tips on how to approach someone if you are worried they may considering taking their own life.
  • The ZSA Suicide Awareness Training is a more in depth suicide awareness training session which takes around 20 minutes.  The session focuses on removing stigma and encouraging open conversations and aims to give you the skills and confidence to help someone who may be considering suicide.
  • If U care share support people who are feeling very low or suicidal, and people that have lost someone to suicide.

Other signposting information on mental health and wellbeing

Employee Assistance Programme – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week confidential advice and support at Employee Assistance Programme   Or call 0800 231 5052

Learning Pool resources  Managing your health and wellbeing during and beyond COVID-19   –

Local Government Association and NHS Englanduseful advice, tools and tips on managing emotions, stress and wellbeing for those staff providing care

Living Life to the Full – online resource for managing low mood, stress and anxiety and other advice. Go to and enter code ‘NHSStaff’ for free access

NHS – for general mental health information and specific ‘mental health while staying at home’ and ‘worried about coronavirus’ sections:

MIND – For more practical advice for staying at home and managing your mental health:

Resource Tins

As always please contact us if you have any concerns.