Policy Statement

North Tyneside Council Adult Learning Service (NTCALS) is committed to ensuring that learners and apprentices receive regular, consistent and accurate assessment with appropriate feedback to support and promote learning and help them achieve their goals. All learners and apprentices should receive the same quality standards of assessment practice, marking, feedback and support.

The same quality standards are also expected for learners and apprentices enrolled through external partners and this will be specified in partnership agreements.

In addition, awarding bodies require centres to ensure standardisation in assessment,
verification and moderation procedures and practice.


NTCALS aims to ensure:

Equality of access to fair and reliable assessment is guaranteed to all learners. Assessment will meet the needs of the individual learner in line with the Equality Policy of North Tyneside Council.

Assessment and internal quality assurance in each programme area comply with NTCALS guidance and meets the requirements of awarding
bodies and the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

Staff are occupationally competent and hold assessor and /or internal quality assurance qualifications relevant to the qualification or course they are assessing or verifying.

The assessment and internal quality assurance procedures for each qualification are made known to learners at the start of the course.

The NTCALS Appeals procedure is applied as relevant to assessment and internal verification decisions.

Learners are informed at the start of the course of the NTCALS Appeals procedure, the Awarding Body for their qualification and their respective appeals procedure.

The operation of assessment and internal quality assurance procedures is monitored through internal moderation and standardisation processes, Adult Learning Managers Meetings and the quality forum.

Learners and apprentices will be given an opportunity to have prior experience and/or learning accredited in line with our recognition of prior learning guidelines (please also see Apprenticeship initial assessment process).

Evidence that externally commissioned/contract providers can meet these standards will be required in advance of contracts being agreed and monitoring and reporting arrangements will be specified within such contracts.

Mark Barrett
Senior Manager – Employment and Skills