Customer Service Specialist Apprenticeship


In order to enrol on this apprenticeship, you must be in paid employment in a customer service role that fits the requirements of the apprenticeship standard. The customer service specialist role is to be a ‘professional’ for direct customer support within all sectors and organisation types. This could be in many types of environment including contact centres, retail, webchat, service industry or any customer service point. You will attend hub sessions to support the completion of your customer service specialist apprenticeship. You will be expected to have 5 good GCSE’s including English and maths or equivalent and have achieved Customer Service level 2 qualification. You will be assessed before starting the programme to ensure the apprenticeship is right for you.

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You will learn knowledge, behaviours and skills through blended learning, consisting of group training sessions, digital learning and tutorials carried out in the workplace.

  • With coaching and support from your employer and your tutor, you will apply the knowledge, behaviours and skills to your organisation’s standards and to your customer service role to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship.
  • You will require an allocation of 20% off the job training time to enable you to complete coursework and assignments.
  • You will learn about the many roles of the Customer Service Specialist including how to be an advocate for Customer Service who acts as a referral point for dealing with more complex or technical customer requests, complaints, and queries. You will learn how to deal with complicated or ongoing customer problems. You will become an expert in your organisation’s products and/or services and share knowledge with your wider team and colleagues. You will learn how to gather and analyse data and customer information that influences change and improvements in service. You will identify how to utilise organisational and generic IT systems to carry out your role and develop an awareness of other digital technologies.
  • At the 13 month stage of your 18 month programme you will be prepared for the apprenticeship Gateway and End Point Assessment. This will involve a 2 week intensive period of study, revision and tutorials with your assigned tutor.
  • Your end point assessment will include a practical observation with questions and answers, a work-based project supported by an interview and a professional discussion supported by a portfolio of evidence.

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Your knowledge, skills and behaviours will be assessed at the end of your apprenticeship, by a professional discussion, work based project supported by portfolio of evidence and observation.

Course Length

The Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service Practitioner is completed within 18 months so you must be employed for this length of time.


You will be working in a customer service environment, receiving on the job coaching and training in the workplace and attend the training centre for training sessions in customer service. You will be using digital learning materials and will be required to complete tasks and upload these to your e-portfolio, during allocated off the job training. This training will all be during your contracted hours of work.

What else do I need to know?

The course will extend your knowledge, skills and abilities, which in turn will enhance your career prospects enabling you to be a valuable part of any business. All training materials will be provided at the training centre.

You could move on to an Associate Project Manager or Team Leader apprenticeship.

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