Digital Interviews


For more information or to enrol please speak to you Work Coach who can arrange an appointment at your local Job Centre with an Adult Learning Service Advisor.


Your journey to find work will need preparation to be successful. Especially now when technology has introduced new ways to be interviewed for a role without leaving our homes.


This course has a relaxed atmosphere and will improve your self-confidence when you are invited to attend a digital interview by a prospective employer.

This 3-hour course will:

  • Help you understand the different methods used to conduct a digital interview
  • Demonstrate the importance of preparation for a digital interview – dos and don’ts
  • Show you how to research the job role, identifying skills and attributes and explaining the importance of matching your strengths to the job description essential criteria
  • Give you the opportunity to practice joining a mock digital invitation and understand the technology involved

You will take units of an employability qualification which will require some reading and writing to complete unit worksheets. It is very important that you declare at enrolment if you suffer from any learning difficulty or disability so that relevant support may be provided by tutors.

Course Length
3 hours

You are expected to arrive promptly and attend the full 3 hours of your course.

You can progress onto a Digital Skills course if your IT skills are limited.

There are also other employability 3-hour courses available which may be of interest to you:

  • CV & Online Application
  • Employer Assessments

You will be asked to bring the following information with you:

  • Your mobile phone and/or any devices you may have which would allow you to attend a digital interview. e.g., tablet, laptop


Please remember to bring your login details.

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