Equality and Diversity



This qualification is designed for anyone looking to gain an understanding of the different issues affecting equality and diversity in today’s society.

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Britain is a culturally diverse nation that respects and values the differences in people. Companies and organisations are legally required to follow a set of practices to ensure discrimination is eradicated and expectations of equality are met. A good understanding of the wide-ranging legislation is essential in creating a workplace that is centred on fairness, dignity and respect.

On this course you will:

• Learn the importance of equality and diversity within different contexts
• Gain an understanding of the different issues affecting equality and diversity in today’s society

Awarding Body: NCFE CACHE
The course is delivered via Distance Learning. You will receive your own study pack, alongside a dedicated tutor who you can contact throughout your studies. Your study packs comprise a set of high-quality knowledge workbooks that are designed to help you learn independently through a range of reflective activities. You will also receive assessment booklets in which you can document and demonstrate your achievement of the associated learning outcomes.

Course Length 
16 weeks

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Course Length

16 weeks

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