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Start your contact centre career and you can work flexibly in a rewarding role.

North Tyneside businesses are looking for contact centre workers now.

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MoreCobalt, TEDCO and Working Well have joined up to bring you some support sessions based around working in contact centres.

You’ll find:

  • Assistance with CV and cover letter writing.
  • Guidance on personal branding.
  • Confidence-building exercises.
  • Guest speakers from Cobalt Businesses

Join in on either of these two dates:

  • Wednesday, October 18th, from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Tuesday, November 14th, from 10 am to 3 pm.

There’s information about the sessions and you can sign up on Eventbrite.

Quotes from Contact Centres

“The flexibility gives me a great work-life balance. Every day is rewarding, knowing I’ve helped someone. I love to think I’ve made them smile.”

Alison Armstrong – North Tyneside Council

“Working in contact centres for 18 years has given me the confidence and skills to progress into my dream job as a Learning Specialist. Starting as a call centre agent, I was given all the support I could have ever hoped for, and now I am able to help those starting out in their career.”

Victoria Palmer – Foundever

“I love working in a contact centre, it’s warm, friendly and helps you develop your skills.”

Jonathan Emery – Collingwood

“Whether you’re looking to progress or learn new skills, contact centres provide that special training”

Dominic Kimber – Verisure

“Contact centres are a great place to work, everyone is friendly and helpful.”

Jasdeep Sandhar – Leeds Building Society

“Working in a call centre isn’t just about being on the phones which is what you would think, we have so many different opportunities provided to us, from jobs to volunteering and engagement events.  What more could you want than getting opportunities like that, and it doesn’t even stop there.”

Shazida Miah – EE

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